• ※ Delivery Condition

    Type Maximum weight(per 1 box) Maximum size(HxWxH) Remarks
    K-Packet 2kg *Standard per box
    Longest part : 60cm
    Total sum of HxWxH : 90cm
    "K-Packet" is a shipment for small products(ex. Small things like to accesarry, cloths)
    EMS 30kg *Standard per box
    Longest part : 1.52m
    Total sum of HxWxH : 2.74m
    ※ The time required to check the actual weight and shipping cost: 24 hours (based on Business Day)
    ※ Shipping cost check site(Depending on weight) :
    EMS Over 30kg *Standard per box
    Longest part : 1.52m
    Total sum of HxWxH : 2.74m
    If the total weight of all the products ordered is over 30kg, the our contact in charge will check the actual weight and let you know the
    Shipping cost.
    Cargo company Conference Conference Use the Cargo company you contacted directly.
    If you don't know a cargo company, please contact us by e-mail.
    * Shipping Note
    1) The total weight and the EMS shipping cost is utomatically calculated andshown online.
    2) Please try this by logging in and clicking any items/quantities/destination.
    3) And you can choose dilivery company.
    ★ If the total weight of the items exceeds 30kg, additional shopping cost may occur. We'll contact you.
  • ※ Delivery Charges(by country)

  • ※ Delivery Time table(By country)

    Products will only be shipped after payment has been made. Shipping will take 7-10 business days (for in-stock items).
    The exact delivery time varies by country. Please check the table below.

    Country Delivery time
    Asia(Japen, China, Hongkong etc.) about 5~6days
    America about 6~9days
    Canada about 8~10days
    Austrailia about 6~7days
    Franch about 6~7days
    * If you need more information about shipping time, please visit, https://www.epost.go.kr/main/eng/Enpost_Introduction1.html
  • ※ How to view the shipping cost of the items you are going to order (Checking the cost)

    1) Press the 'ADD TO CART' button to put the item you want to purchase into CART.

    2) Put all the items you want to purchase into your shopping cart and press 'CART' button to move.

    3) After checking the items in the cart, click the 'Order' button.

    4) You can check the price of the item and the shipping cost.

    ★ Shipping costs depend on the recipient's country of residence and the weight of the item.

  • ※ How to look up shipping status

    1) After logging in to the site, click 'MY PAGE' at the top.

    2) Click 'MORE' in the 'Order in Process' section.

    3) Click 'Delivery Search' to check delivery status.

    ※ Site of Shipping status checking Worldwide Tracking: http://www.track-trace.com/post
    USA Tracking: https://tools.usps.com
    Canada Tracking: http://www.canadapost.ca
    Australia Tracking: http://auspost.com.au/track

  • ※ Delivery Delay

    If you haven't received the products for a long time after shipment, may be delayed by Customs.
    Please check the tracking number you provided, and if you have been in the customs for a long time, you should contact the customs
    In addition, there are places where customs clearance procedures are very difficult, depending on the country. We will not be held